Wards Intelligence and Informa Tech Automotive Group are hosting a virtual conference from November 18th through the 20th covering electrification technologies and forward-looking strategies, primarily focused on competitive intelligence, product planning, electrification, fuel economy, and more...

201027 WARDS focus electric

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"Electric Vehicles have ignited a transformational shift in the automotive industry, heightening competition by encouraging market entry for tech firms and start-ups. Despite the turbulence of 2020, EVs are set to disrupt the marketplace further as we move into 2021. What does this EV disruption look like? And what do you need to know?"

"As you know Informa Tech Automotive Group’s mission is to bring together the entire ecosystem of those in technology and automotive to accelerate the future of our industries. And Electrification is just one of the areas that we predict will have a huge impact on the future."

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201027 WARDS The Electrifying Future of Automotive

Wards Intelligence and Informa Tech Automotive Group put together a report offering unique insight into the future of electrification, including:

  • Interview with Robert Kruse, Senior Vice President of Product Execution of Faraday Future
  • Exclusive results from our Future of Electrification survey
  • An examination of the electric-vehicle market in the 2020s, the state of battery technology and the supply chain needed to support it
  • An examination of cutting-edge motor-generator technology and how suppliers are working to meet the growing demands of the global electric-vehicle market. 

"Our Wards Intelligence Analyst team are constantly analyzing data and examining the latest industry trends, so that you don't have to. Not only have they put together this unique Report, but also several reports focused on providing in-depth analysis on key areas of Electrification, such as Battery Recycling, the future of E-Machines and the predictions of the next decade for BEVs."