Customer Request:

Can you provide benchmarking information on Mid Size SUVs to help investigate past/present/future trends of USB adoption (USB-A to USB-C)?

Jeep USB-C Ports

AutoKnowledge Response:

We created a saved workspace looking at order guides, data, documents, and images to determine when vehicles started to offer USB-C  style ports, and where they are located:

We put together an Excel workbook detailing the USB-C applications we are aware of so far, including location details. Because OEMs do not consistently mention USB-C in their specifications, we compiled this list by searching for matching keywords through related documents and by consulting images.

Here is a sample of this Data:

200709 Power Ports Excel Data

Here is a chart illustrating when various OEMs started to introduce USC-C Charging Ports:

OEM USB-C Adoption by Model Year
Cadillac 2018
GMC 2018
Jeep 2018
Audi 2019
BMW 2019
Mercedes-Benz 2019
Nissan 2019
Ram 2019
Volvo 2019
Ford 2020
Lincoln 2020
Tesla 2020
Chrysler 2021
Toyota 2021


Here are samples of the 7 different USB-C ports and their locations on the Jeep Wrangler:

200716 Jeep 1

200716 Jeep 2

200716 Jeep 3

If you are interested in accessing the full report, simply email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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