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The Challenge

ADAS usability, HMI and intuitiveness are front and center in today’s market, making it a top priority for competitiveness and customer satisfaction. How can you ensure the right executions to elevate your brand and create new reasons for purchase?

Get the AutoKnowledge Advantage

AutoKnowledge has been a trusted source of 360° benchmarking information for the automotive industry for almost fifteen years. Their new ADAS Benchmarking Study provides important insights into product development. It complements current manufacturer and supplier benchmarking activities to help them better understand the market, and the driver interaction with major ADAS technologies.

The study analyzes the user experience for a multitude of technologies across 16+ competitive vehicles to provide successes, failures, and insights across various executions. Additional vehicles will be included for 2020.

This vast set of information will be delivered via the AutoKnowledge Vehicle Information Center (VIC): An industry-trusted dynamic database for easy search and comparison of images, videos, data, and documents from anywhere, at any time.

Technologies for Evaluation

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Departure Warning / Prevention
  • Lane Keep Assist / Lane Centering Assist / Traffic Jam Assist
  • Auto Lane Change
  • Auto Park - Parallel & Perpendicular
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
  • Blind Spot Warning & Prevention
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Driver Monitoring System
  • and more...

Performance Evaluations

Detailed in-use synchronized videos, images, owners’ manuals, and specifications document a typical system through real-world standard-usage scenarios.

HMI/UX Evaluations

  • Settings: How features are accessed and explained.
  • Activation: Stalk/voice/button, menu trees, etc.
  • Indication: On/off/disabled (icons, colors, content, messaging).
  • Communication: Warnings, alerts, haptic feedback, etc.

Feature Content Evaluations

Who offers what, how is it packaged, how is it branded, feature trends, etc.

Summary Report

Delivers key insights, highlights strengths and weaknesses, illustrates BIC examples.

Media Key Quotes

Summarizes positive and negative feedback published by 35+ automotive news sources.

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Sample ADAS Benchmarking Study Output 2020 Ford Explorer 092519.pdf [1.3Mb]
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